Privacy policy General information

These privacy policy 1win Kenya rules apply to all of our services provided. They concern the storage and transmission of players’ personal data.

By personal data, we mean all the information that we collect about you during your registration on 1win official website and your subsequent use of our site.

Periodically we need to update our privacy policy points, if the changes are serious we notify all our customers by email.

What data do we need

Privacy policy 1win Kenya
Privacy policy 1win Kenya

When you use our service via the Website or 1win app, we collect various information about you. This collection is done in different ways, depending on the need for data and their nature:

  • Provide information directly. We often use this method during the registration process, asking for your full name, contact details, address, etc. In addition, direct provision of information includes sending documents for verification and subsequent access to withdrawal of funds, we need to confirm the data you previously provided. This also helps us ensure that the player is real and there is no trace of fraud. Your support calls will also fall into this category since when describing your problem you also provide additional information about yourself and your account.
  • Automatic collection of information. As soon as you access our site, your connection and device data are made available to us. We know your IP address, location, and the browser you are connecting from, and whether you are also using a computer or mobile device. We need this to understand how you use our site and what your needs are. This way we can improve our work.

Also included in the category of automatic data collection are cookies and your financial transactions.

Legal bases for processing personal data

Once we have collected information about you, we will only process it for all legal reasons:

  • Compliance with contract clauses. When you register, you enter the data that we need to process for your account to be active. We also use this information to comply with anti-money laundering laws, responsible gaming rules and the terms of our gaming license.
  • Legitimate interests. We process your data only for further cooperation. Sometimes we even ask for your consent for further data processing.

Privacy policy 1win Kenya How and for what purpose do we use your data

We use your data for several purposes.

  • Ensuring the stable operation of our resources and the uninterrupted provision of services.
  • To determine whether you can use our services. To do this, we check age, location, the presence of a self-exclusion request and other elements that may affect your further use of our services.
  • To prevent attempted fraudulent activities and financial fraud.
  • To help you quickly if you have any questions when using the site and regarding financial transactions.
  • To analyze data in order to further improve the quality of our services.
  • To detect and report fraud and crimes against our site and other players.
  • To analyze data for other advertising and reporting about the company to third parties.
  • Control and manage financial transactions.
  • To evaluate your gaming performance within the framework of responsible gaming.
  • To use the information for internal administrative actions.
  • To quickly respond to your requests and resolve issues without wasting time on a request for additional data.

How we may share your data

Sometimes we need to share your data with third parties:

  • Other departments related to our company;
  • Third party vendors and partners who help us provide a full range of services;
  • Regulators and authorities, upon request;
  • Affiliates who provide you with information about us;
  • Other parties to whom you have authorized the transfer of your data.

Security of confidential data

We follow all principles to keep your data as secure as possible. For this we use:

  • Data encryption. To keep your personal and financial data as secure as possible, we use the standard TLS protocol. Information is encrypted at all stages of processing and transmission.
  • Limited access. We do not provide your information to anyone outside of our organization. Additionally, not all of our employees have access to your data.
  • Network protection. Multiple layers of security controls protect access to and within our environment, including firewalls, intrusion protection systems, and network separation. We use top-tier vendors to ensure our system is as secure as possible.

Data management and storage

After providing information about yourself, you can then perform various actions with:

  • modify data;
  • delete messages in chat with support;
  • delete your account.

We keep your data until the account is completely closed.

We guarantee the confidentiality of your personal information, which we collect and store in accordance with data protection regulations.

User rights

Each user has the right to:

  • know what data we store and process;
  • correct current data;
  • access your data;
  • request copies of your data from our website;
  • disagree with the processing of data;
  • request to delete data about you or your account;
  • request a limitation of the use of your data, depending on the situation;
  • file a complaint with data protection authorities.